Sunday, February 17, 2019

3D Printed iPad Stand: Mini

Above: Design shown as produced on the printer
Challenge: Student had created a badge for his first 3D Printed project.  Student was challenged to create an original print, personalised that would have a specific purpose.
Background: For his second project he wanted to create an iPad stand.   He designed a project based around this and personalised it with his name.   The dimensions of the print were designed to include storage and an option for including additional items.    The student was working from scratch and measured all of the dimensions for the print (see below).
Level of Difficulty: Medium-Hard: the student was stretching himself for the first time with a design that had mulitple aspects to it, all of which were needed to work in conjunction with each other.   He add limited assistance from other students and the teacher to complete the design.    The student is nine years old.
Above: Same view with rafting removed.
Timeframe: Twelve hours.   Aspects of this print meant that he had not properly considered the design aspects of the size of the print.   However the stand itself works (see below) and as a result the timeframe to successfully complete the challenge works.
Size: The design measures 130mm across and 120mm deep.   The thickness of the design was between 10mm and 5mm depending on the aspect of the print.  The height of the print was 70mm.    As a result of the task these dimensions were successful to complete the task.
What we would do differently/next steps for students: The student included their name on the design and included a propellar on one side.   These were printed in a single colour and could have been completed seperately to given the affect of colour.   The name of the student inclued a lower case letter and should have had a capital.   Under one section of the base there was a raised point of a print.  Given all these aspects the key consideration was the brief - to produce an iPad stand.   This was successful despite reservations about the size of the design as shown on the left.

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