Monday, February 25, 2019

3D Printed Exemplars - Name Badge

Student to produce an original name badge that could be used to identify their property or themselves (for instance a label for their bag). 
Background: An introductory challenge to our students.  This is something for a student who has not produced previously anything using a 3D Printer.   The idea was to produce something that would be basic that could be easily produced and allow the student to be successful, leading to them developing further 3D Printed ideas.   This student went further, producing a pair of 'racing stripes' that provided balance and depth to the print.   The student was thrilled with the result - a large numbers of this print and variations of this task have been produced  - however I would rate this amongst the best in the series in the past few years.   The result had the balance between practicality of the design, being able to be produced as a print and it working - without it being too elaborate, and the size of the print.  As mentioned on this site essentially one printer is running non-stop in a single classroom of twenty seven students to produce as many prints as possible. 
Level of Difficulty: Low - this is produced in five steps, students are currently editing a video which explains these steps as a 'how to' tutorial.   The student mastered this concept easily (it also should be pointed out the student involved is seven years old.
Timeframe: Two hours.   This print benefitted from having the stripes which reduced the print time.   The choice of font size also reduced the amount of filament in the final design and print.   To balance the affect of the design its size relative to its role etc was nigh on perfect.
Size:   The dimensions of the design measured 130mm across, 50mm high and had a width of 5mm. 
What we would do differently: Other than possibly a different base PLA there is very little that we would change.   The final product could have potentially been spray painted, however the student was extremely excited with the design and no further adjustments was required, hence its exemplar status.

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