Saturday, October 27, 2018

3D Prting Projects in the Work - Updates

Print Update - 'Weathering'
Original Print Date - 25th of September.    This print has now been on display at our school, in an outdoor setting, for an entire month.    It has been exposed to the elements (Winter in New Zealand).    During this time we have been monitoring the strength of the print and the discolouration (if any).    After one month there has been little of either and the print has maintained it shape and colour without any obvious signs of weathering.  This print is for an emergency assembly location.

Print Update - 'Spray Painting: Preparation'
Original Print Date - 23rd of October.   This is the 'tractor' themed stationary holder has now been partially assembled, with the intention of using commerical spray can paint to change the colour of the print.    It was also decided for the affect to print this in component stages and then use superglue to combine the elements of the print, as shown on the left.

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