Saturday, October 27, 2018

3D Printed iPad Stand

Design shown from the front with the bar to stabilize the iPad
Challenge - For student who is nine years old to create an original iPad Stand to give as a gift to another student.    No teacher input (design) into this project, design, creation from scratch.
Background: This student has been responsible for several high quality designs and projects this year, including this 'deluxe' iPad stand featuring a Unicorn as part of the design.   This project was intended for an older recipient, as a result of which other than the penalization on the rear of the design (see below) was deliberately kept to a minimum.   The student as noted above was responsible for every aspect of managing the project from initial design and concept, the Tinkercad creation of the design, the checking and the proofing of the design (consulting wiht another student to ensure that it would be a successful print).   The sole responsibility of the teacher was to print the project and suggest that two different PLA plastic were used to highlight the 'EBS" font/title that was on the back inside the speech bubble.
Design showing the penalization
Level of Difficulty: Medium.   These designs have been printed in considerable variation and number in Room Six this year.   The students have continued to refine and improve their design minimizing the amount of rafting (and waste plastic) and using a mixture of combining PLA colours to produce lettering and features that stand out.    These are being produced to a high degree of skill able to work with a variety of iPads and including storage and details.   These are being produced with increasing skill, based on the work of the other students.  Its not a task for the faint hearted but when it works (like this) it produces something that has a lot of use that is highly durable and successfully completed the task.
Time frame: Twenty One hours for the base.   There would have been some flexibility had the student decided to include a draw in the base or reduce the width and the depth of some of the sides etc.
Design from above showing storage
Size: This design was 130mm across at the front.   The front bar to stabilize the iPad is 40mm in length, 20mm consisting of the base and a further 20mm for a bar.   The base of the stand has a length of 120mm.   The back of the stand has a storage box dropped into it with dimensions of 50mm by 120mm.   The storage at the back rises 100mm from the base of the design.   This would be more or less the minimum requirements for a design such as this to work. 
What we would do differently/next steps for students: We have experiment by having the students insert draws or storage into designs like this, the student opted not to do so in this case.   We also could have used three different base PLA colours as the speech bubble shown above could have been printed in a separate colour to

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