Saturday, June 2, 2018

3D Printed Oversized Key Ring - Part Two.

Details - This is the second print in this series.  This is a second version of the same key, as explained in detail the School has dual PE Sheds, a student and teacher. 

Having Laser Cut wooden versions of these key rings, which are delibrately oversized to ensure that students (or staff) are not able to easily put them into their pockets.  The laser cut versions worked well however their high use meant that the wood they were cut into became stained and looked untidy.  It also saw the need to be redrilling the key hole as the wood started to wear.   The solution devised by our students was to 3D Print two matching keys, which were then 3D Printed.  This design was based on the original print detailed here previously with the only changes to the print being the lettering, which was modified to reflect the key, the other change was to switch PLA from bright red to grey for easy identification.  Print time and all other details identical.

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