Monday, June 4, 2018

3D Printed Game Soccer Goal Post

Challenge: Student was interested in producing a game of table soccer.  As part of the game he wanted to have a clearly defined goal post for the game.  He had tried cardboard versions of the goal posts but wanted something that would be more robust and permanent.
Background: Student was looking at ways to produce goal posts for the game mentioned.  There were various designs that the student looked at creating, including attempting to replicate existing versions of this print.  The student had attempted to design this from scratch but was not satisified with their results, relative to other versions that were available.   It is also worth mentioning that the student concerned is nine years old and this was his first attempt at 3D Printing - he has seen other projects that students have worked on but is developing his confidence with 3D Printing.
Level of Difficulty: Low - this is intended as an ongoing project which the student will produce a series of prints associated with the game.  The print is straightforward, the engagement with the student is as important as the process.   Creating the goal-posts as the student has done will drive the game itself foward as the rest of the details will follow the size of the goal.
Timeframe: Five hours - there were versions of the print that included netting etc but the decision was made to focus on the poles and to keep the design basic.
Size: The width of the deisgn was 110mm.   The back of the design was 120mm long.  The height was 100mm.   The various poles that make up the goal posts were 10mm thick.   We are intending to test the strength of the goal posts relative for the game and would be looking at redesigning these if prove to be not strong enough. 
What we would do differently: We would look at road testing this design to ensure that it would work.  The print was produced as a single file - there was considerable discussion about the printing of the individual goal posts and then super-gluing all the pieces together post printing.   We decided not to do this as the student wanted to be successful with their print run.
Next Steps for Students: As mentioned this is looking as developing a game as part of wider project.

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