Wednesday, August 31, 2016

3D Mathematical Printed Competition Entry 2

Print showing the rafting affect
How long did it take to print? four hours - the print was set on a fast print (see below).
Original design as created in Tinkercad
Problems Issues: Rafting of the print wasn't successful.  By making the print a 'fast print' setting the rafting attached to it, the removal of the rafting caused damage to the intended structure.   As a consequence the rafting needed to remain in places on the print, giving it the appearance of being 'rough'.  The student said that with hindsight they should have made the print on a detailed or higher print setting, this would have considerably increased the print time, however it would have greatly increased the strength of the print allowing the rafting to be removed.
What would you do differently? Obviously as a result of the print
and the strength of the print would be changed considerably.   The shape of the design would possibly need to have wider bars as part of it to strengthen it.  As a positive despite the issues with this print, the shape was maintained in the printing and the filament did set with the intended shape.

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