Tuesday, August 30, 2016

3D Designed Mathematical Objects:

Note: rafting yet to be removed from the plate
How long did it take to print?
This was designed and printed using the quality settings, instead of the regular fast print.  It was designed this way so the quality of the print would be a good as possible.   As a consequence of this the print time was fifty hours.  However the quality of the print reflected that.
Size: 25 centimetres across.  Depth of 10cm.
Problems or Issues?
None - the students deliberately increased the quality of the print, minimal rafting and clean up once completed was required.
What would you do differently?
Nothing the design worked as the student intended and the overall affect was pleasing (although student is aware that it resembles a lemon squeezer which was not intention!)
the student was inspired to see the base design online created by other work and this was the first part of the design.  Following that the inner lines and shapes were created.  The competition was for the students to design a Mathematical 3D shape and this achieved a merit award at the local competition.   The traditional entries from the other schools and students were objects that were designed and build using physical objects we were the only school that was 3D Printing ours. The student used Tinkercad and was as Y8 student (12 year old).

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