Sunday, July 1, 2018

3D Print Key Wall Holder

Challenge: To produce a working model of a wall mounted individualised key ring holder to hold specific keys.
Background: Versions of this task were already attempted this year in a differing format, where the focus was on the holding of single key that was high use for students, and needed to be identified.  This variation came from the student responsible for the Oversized Tractor Keyring detailed on this blog.  He wanted to use the base to modify it to allow the hanging of a series of keys.   The design itself had its initial development as a key ring, and then when he was introduced to the challenge of mounting it solved this problem by producing screw holes, visible on the left and right of the top of the design.   The pegs that were introduced were intended as the way for the business, featured on the design, to hang a selection of keys.   A redesign is in process as the pegs have been road tested and found to be not as robust as intended.   The other issue that is relevant to the design is the student assumed that a selection of keys would all fit in the spaces provided, the student hadn't considered that the keys themselves would be on key rings that would affect the size.  The student who oversaw this project is a nine year old Y5 student who is completing his first series of prints.
Level of Difficulty: Low - this is progression on the basic design, that the oversized key ring came from so this is essentially a modified version of this, rather than a complete redesign from scratch.
Timeframe: Five hours.  There was a little room for some adjustments but not significant.
Size: This is essentially the same as the badge.  100mm by 90mm with a depth of 8mm.
What we would do differently: The pins for the keys need to be more robust, while still achieving their purpose.   The possibility of the reduction or the repositioning of the pins also needs to be considered, in the initial design the student just randomly placed them on the backing board.
Next steps for students: As above - the project is near completion but needs some additional to details.

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