Monday, January 15, 2018

3D Printed Gift Box (Advanced) - Xmas Gift

Above: Box with lid and person lettering
Challenge - To produce a Christmas theme gift box with a working lid, personalised for the person that it was intended to be for.
Background: Student was attempting an advanced print for the first time.   They had completed basic designs but this was the first attempt to involve using the 3D Printer to produce an object with parts that related to each other (in this case the lid, with a drop down base and ensuring that both parts worked in unison with each other.
Level of Difficulty: Medium.   The box as shown in the illustration included a lid, with the name of the person that it was gifted for.  It included a handle that is clearly shown above, with rafting removed.   The base of the design included lettering themed with 'merry xmas' as it was intended as a seasonal gift.  The 'box' template that was used came from the Tinkercad main interface.
Timeframe: Fifteen hours for the base and the lid combined.   The width of the lid was 5mm and the handle potentially could have been lower, however redesigning the box would not have been possible to reduce the printing time.  An 8mm nozzle was used for the print, which ensure that the time was probably the minimum that would have been required to produce a print of this size and design.
Size: 10cm by 10cm with a height of 8cm.  The width of the lid and the sides of the box was 5mm.  As noted the size of the box relative to the purpose of it (as a gift box for jewellery etc)
What we would do differently: As shown in the photograph above the lettering in the base of the box was dropped into the design.  In removing the filament around the lettering it is extremely difficult to remove it succesfully without causing part of the font to be removed (such as the middle m stroke in the 'merry' part of the design).  We have tried a variety of tools to remove this successfully and are still searching for the best soultion, it is particularly difficult given the size of the font.  Potentially the font could have been increased in size.
Next Steps of students: Student is now able to confidently produce and make boxes of medium difficulty.   Student will be encouraged to move onto more challenging and varied designs.   Student could mentor others to produce this sort of design and also variations of it.

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