Monday, September 12, 2016

Raspberry Pi 3 - Printed Case: 3D Printed Cover

This is an alternative version of the cover for the previous project.  In the example the teacher had used a School Milling Machine to create a plywood cover the for the Raspberry Pi 3 Box.   On discussion with the teacher about the project he indicated that he had initially produced a 3D printed lid, and decided to go for a wood finish for aesthetic reasons.  This photograph is of the other option for a lid, and features the Raspberry Pi Logo.  It was screen shot and then imported directly into Tinkercad.

The shot to the left shows the base of the cover, which included a stand built into the design.  It was a 12 hour print without rafting on a regular setting.  (Please note that all prints from now on are primarily being carried out on an Ultimaker 2 which has an expansion kit installed on it, the Ultimaker 2+)

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