Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Student Created Trophy for Sports

Students original Tinkercad Design
Learning Challenge: This student independently created and designed this project, having had previous experience during the Auroa Primary School Technology 3D Printing School program. They were a Hockey student who wanted to remember the season with a trophy.
Background: The student having had experience with the machines and the program wanted to gain additional credits towards the school rewards program and also recognise the (field) Hockey season which had been completed.
Task: The student generated the design in their own time using Tinkercad without teacher input.
Students design printing on the Ultimaker 2
Level of Difficulty: Moderate - the design required some modification (see below) however it was not significant and was completed on the initial print run successfully.
Issues: the original design came with a stick on the ground, sans the hockey ball, the ball was added to give stability to the design as the stick by itself was lacking in support.   The design of the ball was intended to stabilise design and not necessarily based around scale of an actual Hockey Ball.  The original Tinkercad design by the student featured two designs at the student wanted two copies.
Timeframe: The student came completed with the full design having done so in her own time.  Forty hours to print.
Size: Base 20cm, depth 15cm, height 25cm.  (approx.).
Process: Designed straight into Tinkercad.   Downloaded in the Cura, the Ultimaker 2 Free Software.  As per the rest of the material on this site it was created (printed using an Ultimaker 2)
How can you Contribute? Have you designed something original to solve a problem or produce something unique? Can you share it with us and provide the details?


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