Monday, April 27, 2015

3D Printing: Student Work at Auroa Primary School

Auroa Primary School for 2015 created a modern program for Technology for students - a series of lessons were created for Robotics, E-Textiles, Woodwork and 3D Printing.  The School website has details of the program that the students are involved in, with examples of each.   Each of the students have had the opportunity to work on Friday from 9am to 2:00pm for five week blocks. The final activity for the students was a free design activity allowing students to create an original piece of 3D Printing Work.

Original Design from student in Tinkercad
The project was designed following a creation process by the students, a creation of the project using Tinkercad and then a trial and creation of a Prototype.   In the link above you can see examples of some of the original work and ideas created by the students.  

Golf Egg Cup Print
Students managed the entire process themselves - in this example on this page the student concerned had an interest in Golf.  The student created a model of an Egg Cup with a Golf Theme, created the model digitally using Tinkercad and then created a draft print.  The original print was not successful as the cup was not balanced enough to hold a regular hard boiled egg.  The student redesigned the cup portion of the cup ensuring the base was larger and was then able to complete a successful print.   The original print was a draft setting.

The detail was added to include the indentation the grass design on the base and the Tee/Cup design.    The student was able to complete this on the second print.  The time allocation of print was eight hours on the 'Fast Print Setting'.


  1. On tinkercad all of the year sevens and eights made LED light holders. We got them about a week before school ended for the holidays and they are very cool and very interesting designs! I did mine in a basic cube but others I know did stars with their initials on it! It was lots of fun!
    Selwyn House School

  2. Aria
    We've used LED lights in the past but not year with our projects we'd love to see some examples of what you are producing at Selwyn House, thanks for your feedback