Thursday, August 24, 2017

3D Printed Edison Robot Box - V3.0

Challenge: The Edison Robot is delivered in minial packaging, a simple fold out cardboard box that is designed to be disposed of once the robot begins being operated.  One of the issues discussed with the students was ways to transport the Edison Robot (which requires to operate just batteries and a programming cable).   The Edison Robots are high use items so we were looking at designing a way to transport them easily from location to location within the school.
Background: As mentioned above.  We have a set of robots that are high use items that are required for use all around the school in different classrooms.   The idea was a way in which we could have students take the robots safely (although they are very durable) from location as needed.
Level of Difficulty: Medium - the design was original however variations of this design have been mastered by the students Y5/6 (nine and ten year olds) in my classroom - however this is also a purpose built design from scratch.  
Size: Length 25cm and height of 15cm.  This box was created with a depth of 7cm.
Timeframe: The box itself was a twelve hour print.  The lid was eight hours.  The nozzle is set at 8mm which is intended to significantly speed up the printing process.
What we would do differently: The box lid was created as a by-product of another print.  There is not a specific area or storage space for the cable, although this programming add on is not always required when the robots are used and the batteries are preloaded into the machines before a class uses them.  While the lid fits perfectly with the box the handle is not the most practical for the students to use to carry the box (most lift the box from underneath).  The idea has been floated for a latch of some sort to allow the lid to remain in place, or an adapted handle that would make the carrying more practical.


  1. That seems quite long for a print with a 0.8 nozzle. What was your layer heights and print speed? What printer are you using?

  2. The prints that are on this site are all printed with Ultimaker 2+ Machines - the layer height was 8cm and print setting was 'regular' which is our default setting.