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This work was produced by staff/students at Auroa Primary School located in Auroa, South Taranaki, New Zealand. We are a full primary school (5-13) of just over 200 students.   We currently are running three Ulitmaker 2 + Machines for our students 3D Printing projects.

As of September 2016 we upgraded one of Ultimaker 2 machines to an Ultimaker 2 Plus.  (the first prints on the site were printed using an obsolete 'Diamond Age' printer as specified).

As of February 2017 all machines at the School were upgraded to Ultimaker 2+ Machines running CURA Software with designs by Tinkercad.

Most projects are run using Tinkercad to create, Cura (Ultimaker 2 Software) to convert to g-code and then printed using the Ultimaker 2.   As of June 2016 we have had students using 123d Design as it is an iPad friendly app. (although subsequently most of the students returned to using Tinkercad).

If any of the projects that are not suitable or do not follow that process we have noted that in the post.

The work on this site is not the responsibility of one person.  It is the collective work of a number of students and teachers from the school.  In some cases those students and teachers (or staff) no longer work for the School.  It has been noted on most posts but if you wish to contact the person who created the particular project email me below I can in most cases put you in direct contact with the person(s) responsible where possible.

If you wish to contact the person responsible for the site, in terms of the text and photographs (unless otherwise stated) you can do so by emailing me directly on or on Twitter: NZWaikato.

As of April 2019 we decided to revisit several aspects of the site.  We have removed the previous tabs for 'Short Term Prints' and 'Long Term Prints'.   The software that we are using and machines while now nearly five years old are currently improving and being updated as a result some of the older print times need revising.   We are still tagging posts as either 'Long Term Prints' or 'Short Term Prints' as part of the post description and if you have any queries about specific prints please either leave us a comment (!) or email us.

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