Short Term Projects

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This page is designed to highlight the short term posts that have featured on this site.  They would be suitable for printing if you have limited time.   For the purpose of keeping it simple the short term projects will be those of under five hours for the entire print.  All these projects have featured on this site in more depth and can be accessed by clicking on the hyperlink.  For the purpose of simplicity the times here reflect a 'fast' print setting unless otherwise specified in the description.  The initial projects were created as early as 2014 and are presented here in reverse order:

Labels for Gifts/Christmas Presents (originally published 19/11/2016)
Brief: Student created a label for a gift, however switched to glow-in-the dark filament and made the print a stand alone gift.  Duration: 3-4 hours.
Student Bookmarks: (originally published 24/10/2016) Brief: an update of a previous project from 2015 the students who were 8 and 9 produced a bookmark suitable for keeping track of page.   Duration: 2-4 hours depending on the design and the details.
Christmas Labels for Presents (originally published 23/10/2016)
Brief: Students designed labels to give as gifts for presents.  Timeframe: a variety for the different projects two-three hours in duration.
Christmas Decorations (originally published 15/10/2016)
Brief: Suggestions for students Christmas decorations for hanging from a Christmas Tree. Timeframe: 2-3 hours depending on piece.
Mathematical Objects for Competition (originally published 23/8/2016)
Brief: student entries into a Mathematical design competition
Timeframe: 4-8 hours for pieces (50 hours for detailed piece)
Pencil Toppers (originally published 24/6/2016)
Brief: student created pencil topper
Timeframe: 4 hours
3D Printed Cookie Cutter
Cookie Cutters (originally published 18/6/2016)
Brief: student designed 'Cookie Cutter' 
Timeframe: 45 minutes
Extension Props for Lego NXT/EV3 Robots (originally published 16/6/2016)
Brief: Golf clubs to be used in conjunction with Lego Mindstorms Robots
Timeframe: 3 hours
Props for the Junior Robocup (originally published 10/6/2016)
Brief: Props made to enhance the performance of the students at the Junior Robocup.
Timeframe: 45 minutes
Replacement Game Pieces (originally published 19/4/2016)
Brief: Replacement pieces for games that have been lost.
Timeframe: 45 minutes (size of piece dependant)
Student Bookmarks (originally published 22/9/2016)
Brief: Junior students create bookmark.
Timeframe: 3-4 hours.
Making Life Better (originally published 22/2/2016)
Brief: Student whose sister has MS invents support for her to use iPad independently.
3D Printed Bookmark
Timeframe: 45 minutes
Classroom Badges (originally published 10/2/2015)
Brief: Classroom badge for visitors/visits to wear.
Timeframe: One hour.
Replacement Parts (originally published 21/1/2015)
Brief: Replacement part for a BBQ a replacement knob/switch.
Timeframe: 45 minutes.
Classroom Repair (originally published 20/1/2015).
Brief: Repair of broken latches and hinges for cupboards in the classroom.
Timeframe: 45 minutes.

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