Long Term Projects

Raspberry Pi caseholder
For the purpose of simplicity this section of the blog is devoted to prints that are 'Long Term Prints'.  As of September 2017 this is defined as prints that take Five hours or longer.

3D Printed Boat/Catamaran (Originally Published 13/12/2017)
The first in a series of prints the student designed a catamaran boat for floating and developing ideas and testing.  The original design starts with this ten hour print.

Wristwatch Stand- Originally published 26/11/2017.
In this project the student wanted to create a stand for wristwatched to allow them to be displayed - a ten hour print project.

iPad Stand - Delux Version (originally published 21/11/2017)
A ten hour version of a student created stand to allow an iPad stand for use in the classroom.  Personalised with additional storage.

Housing for a Mouse Trap (extended) (published 15/11/2017)
Brief: Student created a larger more advanced version of the previous print. 

Glow in the Dark Container (originally published 5/11/2017)
Brief:  Student created a container with lid, but modified the print to include the use of 'Glow-in-the-dark' filament to enhance its design.   Print time six hous (including lid).

Housing for a Mouse Trap (originally published 4/11/2017)
Brief: Student designs a container unit ('house') for a Mouse Trap to protect younger students from springing the trap prematurely.  Ten hours of print time.

Dual Cyliner Desk Tidy (originally published 1/11/2017)
Brief: Student created and designed desk tidy which consisted of a dual cylinder design. 

Personalised Box (originally published 26/10/2017)
Brief: Student designed a larger dimension box and lid which was personalised for the student who created the project.  The base of the box took ten hours to print, the lid (including handle) eight hours.

Business Box (originally published 23/10/2017)
Brief: Student designed and created a box for a business product sold as part of the school market day.   Box (and lid) including lettering.  Print Time: Ten hours.

Mortar and Pestal (originally published 21/10/2017)
Brief: Student designed and created mortar and pestel for mixing of basic cooking ingredients.  Print time was ten hours.

Hair Tie Stand - (originally published 18/10/2017)
Brief: Student created and designed station to store hair ties.  Personalised to include the name of the student who created the project.  Print Time: Five hours.

Animal Bait Station V4.0 (originally published 5/10/2017)
Brief: Student designed an original bait station for use with a night time tracking camera that was able to prevent Hedgehogs from tipping the bait station over.   This revised version included longer legs and was personalised with a name.  Print time: ten hours.

Jewellery Box and Lid (originally published 2/9/2017)
Brief: Student designed and created Jewellery Box and lid.  Original version took a combined 23 hours including personalised lid.  A revised version saw the students add padding and accessories to the box to enhance its presentation.

Edison Robot Storage Box and Revisions (originally published 5/8/2017)
Brief: Student designed a box to store Edison Robot.  Original version took five hours.  Subsequent revisions of the project took seven hours and twenty hours for a carry box for two robots and a lid.

Egg Cup and Egg Cup Revision (originally published 3/8/2017)
Brief: Student designed an egg cup.  Five hour print.

iPod Box  and iPod Box Delux- (originally published 12/7/2017)
Brief: Student creates a box designed to use to store an iPod.  This was designed with a seperate lid which sixteen hours in total for both pieces.   In the Delux version the lid and base took eighteen hours including seperate space to store the cords.

Student Desk Organiser (originally published 3/6/2017)
Brief: A student create an original project in which they designed a personal desk organiser.  This eight hour project was refined and produce in other versions by subsequent students in versions that took nine hours, eight hours, nine hours (advanced), and four hours for a smaller version.

Please note a significant change was made in May 2017 when the prints on the primary 3D Printers were modified (changed) to 8mm.  Previously all prints featured were using a 4mm nozzle, times that are listed here and on the blog need to be adjusted accordingly, as a rule of thumb the timeframe for prints from before May 2017 should be halved.

iPad Stand - and iPad Stand Delux (originally published 6/5/2017)
Brief: A student created a stand for use for his iPad Mini so it could be used as reading device and display item.   The six hour print was revised and improved with the introduction of a bar and further support to an eight hour print in a further improvement.

Gift Box [Mothers Day] - originally publised 11/5/2017)
Brief: A student created a detailed gift box with a drop down lid and handle.   Twenty hours (approx) for combined print of the base and the lid.  A significant intricate project. (Printed with a 4mm nozzle) An improvement was made to lid in a seperate project reprint.

Sky Tower (originally published 8/1/2017)
Brief: A model of the Auckland Sky Tower (credit Thingiverse) to create a structual display model.   Eighteen hours (with a 4mm nozzle and a fine print setting).

Christmas Decorations (originally published 6/12/2016)
Brief: A Christmas star, personalised with the name of the student or the name of the school (in this case).  Eight hour print.

Christmas Decorations (originally published 22/11/2016)
Brief: A Christmas decoration designed and published in glow-in-the-dark filament, this design was created as a bottle with a stopper.  Timeframe: Six hours.

Model of a Lawn Mower (originally published 11/11/2016)
Brief: A model to scale of  a Lawn Mower, being as realistic as possible and showing as many expected features as possible.  Timeframe: 18 hours (on a regular print time frame).

Raspberry Pi Case Holders (originally published 12/9/2016
Brief: Raspberry Pi Holders as a case for a Raspberry Pi machine.  As an addition to this project instead of the suggested wooden cover there was also a 3D Printed cover as well.
Timeframe: Twelve hours.

Classroom Signs (originally publishing 20/8/2016)
Brief: Signs for classroom/bathroom for above doors.
Timeframe: Twenty hours (in two parts forty hours)

Money Holders (originally published 11/7/2016)
Brief: Money holders for classroom rewards program
Timeframe: Six Hours

Props for the Junior Robocup Part Two 11/6/2016
Brief: Detailed costumes for Junior Robocup Competition.
Timeframe: 40 hours.

3D Printed Box (originally published 19/5/2016)
Brief: printed box for the dispensing of 'classroom cash' details of a second version here.
Timeframe: 40 hours combined for lid and box.
3D Printed Box

Golf Flag (originally published 12/4/2016) 
Brief: student designed Golf Flag for putting/Lego Robotics.
Timeframe: 12 hours

Sports Trophy (originally published 19/8/2016) 
Brief: student designed sports trophy to be awarded for team player of year.
Timeframe: 40 hours

3D Printed Speakers (originally published 1/5/2015)
Brief: this was the major student project for technology for 2015. Students produced a working speaker with 3D Printed speaker covers, handles, f is provided here. Student perspective on the speakers here. Further overview of the project. Timeframe: 120 hours (all parts).
eet and components. Further information on the speakers
Single biggest print - Kitchen Utility holder

Egg Cup Holder (originally published 27/4/2015) 
Brief: student designed egg cup holder with Golf theme.
Timeframe: 8 hours.

Kitchen Utility Hold (originally published 8/4/2015) 
Brief: student designed utility holder for various kitchen items.
Timeframe: 39 hours.

Stylus Holders for Students (originally published 3/3/2015) 
Brief: Holders for students stylus.
Timeframe: 15 hours (dependant on design).

Classroom Additions (originally published 24/1/2015) 
Brief: Range of whiteboard marker holder/duster holders.
Timeframe: 15-30 hours (dependant on design).

Students 3D Design Portfolio (originally published 27/1/2015) 
Brief: Senior students portfolio of a variety of tasks related to 3D printing that they had to completed as part of the senior (12-13 year old) classroom extension program.
Timeframe:  These tasks vary in print times on the basis of project completed - between 20 and 40 hours dependant on design specifics.

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