Long Term Projects

Raspberry Pi caseholder
Christmas Decorations (originally published 6/12/2016)
Brief: A Christmas star, personalised with the name of the student or the name of the school (in this case).  Eight hour print.
Christmas Decorations (originally published 22/11/2016)
Brief: A Christmas decoration designed and published in glow-in-the-dark filament, this design was created as a bottle with a stopper.  Timeframe: Six hours.
Model of a Lawn Mower (originally published 11/11/2016)
Brief: A model to scale of  a Lawn Mower, being as realistic as possible and showing as many expected features as possible.  Timeframe: 18 hours (on a regular print time frame).
Raspberry Pi Case Holders (originally published 12/9/2016
Brief: Raspberry Pi Holders as a case for a Raspberry Pi machine.  As an addition to this project instead of the suggested wooden cover there was also a 3D Printed cover as well.
Timeframe: Twelve hours.
Classroom Signs (originally publishing 20/8/2016)
Brief: Signs for classroom/bathroom for above doors.
Timeframe: Twenty hours (in two parts forty hours)
Money Holders (originally published 11/7/2016)
Brief: Money holders for classroom rewards program
Timeframe: Six Hours
Props for the Junior Robocup Part Two 11/6/2016
Brief: Detailed costumes for Junior Robocup Competition.
Timeframe: 40 hours.
3D Printed Box (originally published 19/5/2016)
Brief: printed box for the dispensing of 'classroom cash' details of a second version here.
Timeframe: 40 hours combined for lid and box.
3D Printed Box
Golf Flag (originally published 12/4/2016) 
Brief: student designed Golf Flag for putting/Lego Robotics.
Timeframe: 12 hours
Sports Trophy (originally published 19/8/2016) 
Brief: student designed sports trophy to be awarded for team player of year.
Timeframe: 40 hours
3D Printed Speakers (originally published 1/5/2015)
Brief: this was the major student project for technology for 2015. Students produced a working speaker with 3D Printed speaker covers, handles, f is provided here. Student perspective on the speakers here. Further overview of the project. Timeframe: 120 hours (all parts).
eet and components. Further information on the speakers
Single biggest print - Kitchen Utility holder
Egg Cup Holder (originally published 27/4/2015) 
Brief: student designed egg cup holder with Golf theme.
Timeframe: 8 hours.
Kitchen Utility Hold (originally published 8/4/2015) 
Brief: student designed utility holder for various kitchen items.
Timeframe: 39 hours.
Stylus Holders for Students (originally published 3/3/2015) 
Brief: Holders for students stylus.
Timeframe: 15 hours (dependant on design).
Classroom Additions (originally published 24/1/2015) 
Brief: Range of whiteboard marker holder/duster holders.
Timeframe: 15-30 hours (dependant on design).
Students 3D Design Portfolio (originally published 27/1/2015) 
Brief: Senior students portfolio of a variety of tasks related to 3D printing that they had to completed as part of the senior (12-13 year old) classroom extension program.
Timeframe:  These tasks vary in print times on the basis of project completed - between 20 and 40 hours dependant on design specifics.

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